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For the Love of Socks & Tights



I’ve always had a strange obsession with socks and tights. I would constantly collect and scout, looking for that perfect pair. I never quite seemed to find them, but that didn’t deter me from my hunt. Working in fashion over the past ten years only heightened this craze—where were the beautiful socks I saw stomping down the runways? And why, when I did find them, were they so expensive?! I decided something needed to be done about this, and I knew that my very talented friend and often-colleague Nandita could achieve this with me. With her super power for predicting future trends, there was no one better to design a collection with and deliver those styles that we couldn’t find or afford.

With that we bring you Stems.
XO Rochelle Sara

I stand at 5’ even and Rochelle never gets bored of towering over me at 5’10”, yet neither one could ever find tights that fit correctly. How could that be? During my career in fashion as a shoe designer, I’ve taken notice of the way women use, treat, and feel about their legs. Long or short, thick or thin—women always have strong feelings about their stems. After giving birth to my daughter Freya, I wanted something easy to wear that made me feel chic while being forgiving to a post-partum body. I needed something that would withstand the day while living up to my high design standards: elevated design with uncompromising quality. This is why I love our essentials, they gently flatten the tummy and give your butt a little lift while also being the softest tights out there.

XO Nandita

 Rochelle is the entrepreneur behind cult swimwear line Rochelle Sara & Nandita has cut her teeth at icons of design and American favorites Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenberg. Their collaboration is why Stems has something for everyone.

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